Testimonials on money: Christina about the Bee COINs project

Bee COINs: Financial Education Debunked was a 10-day youth exchange that took place in The Netherlands from 24 April till 5 May 2017. It gathered 42 participants from 7 different countries and empowered them to learn from each other about financial education. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU.

Financial education means the whole life to me. You can meet financial education in your work, in your
family, in the supermarket. You learn how to make, spend and save money.

The Bee COINs project offered me essential keys on how I should spend money. Due to that my favourite session was the famous session “What did you buy and what made you buy it?” I used it until now in my daily life. I am able to think my real needs and reconsider my decision. I also use the app “Money lover”. It really helps me to handle my finances.

The most important thing I have learned through this project is that money does not mean the same to everyone. I saw people who love money and people who believe that money is just a paper. I have learned also how to enhance my knowledge in investments. Even though I did not win in the Pay2Play game, I kept notes on how I should invest money (Nick rocks!).

Finally the experiences from Ilyana, Plamena and Elena about saving money was really helpful. For example Ilyana told as about a beautiful chair she wants to buy and she manage it with her bank account.

So I live and work now in The Netherlands and the first thing I asked my bank was this kind of savings account. The best day of this project was the day in Utrecht with my team. It was really passionate and exciting. Our cooperation and our madness help us to achieve our goal. Even now I remember the song of our presentation!

The Bee COINs project gave me the opportunity to meet new people, to say out loud my thoughts and to develop my skills in financial education. I would do that again and again!


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