Luca’s takeaways from Bee COINs

Bee COINs: Financial Education Debunked was a 10-day youth exchange that took place in The Netherlands from 24 April till 5 May 2017. It gathered 42 participants from 7 different countries and empowered them to learn from each other about financial education. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU.

After returning home, Luca from Italy organised an informal evening for his friends to share what he learned about personal finance during Bee COINs. Here is his letter:

Here I am,

I arranged an evening with a group of friends. During the evening, after a bit of Italian food, we talked about my experience regarding the exchange. A girl that went to a couple of exchange also gave her contribution.
Then the discussion moved to the topics we addressed  in Ommen, that is:
– Management of personal finances, how to save is theoretically easy but practically hard.
– Saving money as a means for reaching a goal and not as an end in itself.
– Entrepreneurship as mindset, not as management of a company.
The audience are some of my friends, graduate students in the field of Human Computer Interaction, and a girl in the field of neurosciences.
They found the activities interesting, expecially taking into account the interest for some of them in the world of start-up and everything beyond.
Thanks for the availability,
Have a nice day

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