Bee COINs Financial Education DebunkedThe idea about Bee COINs: Financial Education Debunked has been shaped during the development of our first Erasmus+ funded project Bees Inspired: A Hive For Female Entrepreneurs. While working on the project together with our partners, we realised that in order to become successful entrepreneurs, contemporary youngsters need good financial management skills. Being an informal youth group, we saw a major need to improve the financial literacy of contemporary youngsters, especially those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and lack support generally.

The main goal of the project Bee COINs exists in order to improve the knowledge of the participating youngsters about how to manage their finances. Due to their inability to manage money, some of them end up in debt, others experience various degrees of poverty and social exclusion. The project looks to address these drawbacks by enabling the exchange of good practices about financial literacy between youngsters.

The project will create learning opportunities for 42 youngsters from 7 European countries to meet, exchange knowledge and generate new ideas about how to manage their money, plan and take initiative to achieve their dreams. The project consists of a youth exchange that will take place in Ommen, The Netherlands in April 2017. It will be preceded by a short advanced planning visit that will take place in February 2017 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

There are two end products of the Bee COINs project: this website will feature digital content on financial education, and a digital manual with initial guidelines for organisations, youth workers and youth leaders about how to introduce financial education to their target groups. As a result, the project aims to increase the partner organisations’ capacities to offer financial education knowledge to their networks and local communities.

Here is the Bee COINs: Financial Education Debunked booklet

The project is funded by The European Union and Nederlands Jeugdinstituut – the Dutch National Agency responsible for Erasmus+ in The Netherlands.