Bees Inspired

Bees Inspired- A Hive For Female Entrepreneurs (1)The project Bees Inspired: A Hive For Female Entrepreneurs exists in order to make a positive contribution to a major problem youngsters from disadvantaged background face – high unemployment rates and social exclusion. The project looks for solutions in the domain of entrepreneurship and creativity, i.e. to create learning opportunities for the youngsters to meet, exchange knowledge and generate new ideas about how to start their own business. The project is gender specific and gathers mainly young women due to the difference in social, cultural and economic challenges this target group faces across borders.

The project includes a youth exchange and a short advanced planning visit (APV). The youth exchange will gather 42 participants aged between 18-30 who come from 8 different countries. There will be at least 25 participants from a disadvantaged background – social, cultural, economic or geographical.

The most tangible results from the Bees Inspired project will be the production of a booklet the participants’ personal learning opportunities. Bearing in mind their fewer opportunities, they will have a rare chance to travel to another country for a youth exchange where they can learn about entrepreneurship as a tool take their own lives in their hands. Another result of the project will be the intensive dissemination activities – the promotion of both female entrepreneurship and the results of the project. The goal is to reach highly relevant organisations that work with vulnerable target groups, and consequently improve their knowledge about female entrepreneurship.

Here is the Bees Inspired – A Hive for Female Entrepreneurs Booklet

The project is funded by The European Union and Nederlands Jeugdinstituut – the Dutch National Agency responsible for Erasmus+ in The Netherlands.